The Team

Since REC engineering is in the 100% international business since its inception in 1985, it has professional employees   working in various areas of operations to meet the needs of our Global Customers.

Our Managing Director has over 40 years of technical and management experience in working with multinational companies in USA, Germany and UK.

We have well qualified and experienced managers in Foundry technology working in our foundry.

Similarly, we have highly experienced people in Development of the products, having excellent background in Casting and Machining.

We have a team of enthused professionals in customer service area, with a highly focused customer approach to take care of all customer needs.

We have a dedicated managers in Production, Machining, planning, and quality, all focused on shipping quality Products on time, every time.

Many of our professional mangers, supervisors, plant employees are working since the inception of the company, a dedication rarely seen today. Many of these managers have risen to the current positions through the rank and files, over the years.

A truly dedicated team to serve customers!

REC Engineering Team

REC Engineering Team